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ExamStat™ Item Analysis System ExamStat will be discontinued in January 2017. Exam item analysis reports will be available through LearningSuite.

Welcome to ExamStat

ExamStat™ is an Online Item Analysis system developed by BYU Testing Services and the BYU Faculty Center. ExamStat™ works by receiving test information from participating systems or individuals and processing it using well-established methods. Once test information is processed, all instructors associated with the test are notified via e-mail of the availability of a report.

Logging in

If you are a BYU patron, you may log in to ExamStat using your Net ID and password. By logging in you will be able to see a personalized list of all your reports.

Viewing A Report

If you are an instructor and have a Report Number please use the View Report option to your right.

Administrative Login

If you do not have a Net ID you may use the old Administrative Login.

Sample Report

A sample report is available. It highlights most features of ExamStat™.