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ExamStat™ Item Analysis System ExamStat will be discontinued in January 2017. Exam item analysis reports will be available through LearningSuite.

About ExamStat

ExamStat™ is a web-based Item Analysis system developed by Brigham Young University. It was created to make it easy for instructors and course content authors to evaluate their tests and other assessments.

What's Item Analysis?

An Item Analysis consists of a statistical analysis of test responses. It specifically analyses the relationships between overall student scores and the responses given by the individual students. By analyzing these relationships the analysis is capable of determining item (or question) difficulty, non-working distractors, overall test reliability, and other factors.

What Are the Benefits of Item Analysis?

The basic premise for a test is to help determine student performance. An Item Analysis can point out problem areas in a test, such as questions that may be confusing, miss-keyed, or not capable of accurately measuring student performance. Additionally, on multiple-choice questions, it can point to deficiencies in the question's options. Instructors and administrators can then use the information from the analysis to revise and improve the test.

What Does ExamStat™ Provide?

ExamStat™ provides an 8-page analysis which contains overall test results and reliability, item and distractor details, improvement suggestions, and student scores and student answers.

How Do I Process Test Data Using ExamStat

ExamStat™ provides several ways for individuals or organizations to submit data. The most common ways to submit data are by using ScanTools data files or Tab-Delimited files which can be easily created with a spreadsheet. These files are sent to ExamStat™ through a simple web-based interface.