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ExamStat™ Item Analysis System ExamStat will be discontinued in January 2017. Exam item analysis reports will be available through LearningSuite.

Open Source ExamStat

As of June 22, 2006 ExamStat™ is available under the MIT License, allowing anyone to download, install, use and modify to fit their needs.


The current release is version 20070104 released on January 4, 2007. It contains several bug fixes over the other versions but no new functionality. It has a few bugs and problems as noted in the TODO file. However it should be stable and useful enough for most individuals.

At this point, ExamStat is only meant for system administrators and programmers. The general public will have a very hard time using ExamStat.


You can download the following ExamStat releases:

Contact Information

Right now, the Brigham Young University Center for Instructional Design and BYU Testing Center are working to allocate more resources to the development and maintenance of ExamStat. If you would like to contribute code or trying to use ExamStat and run into troubles, please contact Alberto Trevino at


Here is a summary of changes between the releases.


  • Fixed badly quoted string that caused a parse error in report.webapi.
  • Fixed null references to DisplayOrder when loading NCS or tab-delimited files.


  • Cleaned up user_permissions database script (reported by Craig Curtis)
  • Added a MySQL 4.1.x user_permissions script (contributed by Craig Curtis)
  • Fixed broken Student Scores display (reported by Craig Curtis)
  • Fixed bug in analysis that would set Item Adjusted Scores to 0 (reported by Craig Curtis)
  • Other misc. cleanups


  • Original release