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ExamStat™ Item Analysis System ExamStat will be discontinued in January 2017. Exam item analysis reports will be available through LearningSuite.

Sample Report

This sample report has been created to highlight most of the features of ExamStat™. The test was made up from sample questions in the literature available from BYU Testing Services' website (see link to your right). The test was administered on-line, and non-objective questions were graded manually.

The examinees came from a wide variety of places. Some of them took the test seriously, while others did not. For that reason, some test scores are very low. However, there are also many test scores that are very high, giving this test a wide spread of scores.

If you look carefully at the item and response text, you will notice some questions were poorly written. In most instances, ExamStat™ was able to detect the problems inconsistencies and in the questions.